Personal Stylist and Professional Comforter

I think I’m going to become a dress and cardy sort of person.  Now I’ve hit 30 it’s time to put the combats away – unless jungle trekking is involved, and frankly man-eating spiders hang out in jungles, so i don’t.  Sadly I can’t wear jeans or pjs for work and I lack the discipline to work from home as home = pjs and tellyviewing.

So dresses and cardys it is, but in spring, in the UK, what the hell do I wear on my feet?  I won’t lie to you, my feet hum if I’m in closed footwear and it’s far too early for flipflops.  I could wear flat shoes, but that’d mean tights, and they’re evil.  Nylon around the lady garden (thanks, Davina) is immoral, wrong and just downright nasty.  And suspenders would just have me giddy in work.  All possible options considered, just leave me a message.

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