Sunday Afternoons


Whether tis good or bad is your decision, for me though the afternoon is gorgeous; I woke late, have listened to Jazz and have spent the afternoon reading and writing.  I’ll work into the evening and night also, saving a spot of time for indulging in Dancing on Ice.  The finals are drawing close so I can’t risk finding out who was evicted before I’ve had a chance to see the show.  Isn’t Sky+ the best invention ever ever?

I’ve compiled a list of books I’m going to invest in (see below), found a possible online creative writing course – with merit, courtesy of Straythclyde University, discovered I may be able to pinch a day off work to attend the London Book Fair and have read Writing Magazine. Much better than wandering around town shopping.  Besides, it’s better to indulge in THAT activity on payday.



Kate Williams – ‘England’s Mistress’


Writer’s Market 2010

The 4 am Breakthrough – Brian Kiteley

Chambers Gigglossary – Chambers

Definition of the Day ~

eclaira cake long in shape but short in duration.

(Chambers, 1952.)

See why I have to buy the book?

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