Editing update

Evening m’duckies
I’ve edited a further 20 pages tonight, as I taught and slept the day away.  When it comes to editing my body goes into hibernation.  Have pulled out some books from my shelves and they’re now staring at me on my desk for inspiration:

Merde Happens – look what can happen when you self-publish

Paperweight – The man loves to talk and write and Donald Trefusis is a legend

A Tale of Two Cities – China was the best of times and the worst of times at the same time

Hemingway’s Chair – I love Palin’s travels and writing style.

Pies and Prejudice – far funnier than Adventures on the High Teas, but then is that because I’m northern?

Kafka on the shore is lurking behind the pile of books, but TNM is not entirely fictional.

Will be inspired by Murakami, Auster and Atwood for the ficticious Book 2.


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