Maconie’s Chat

It’s a Saturday and I’m in a packed marquee on a clifftop in Cornwall, the wind whipping the roof so that periodically Stuart Maconie pauses in his chat, raises his eyes and wonders aloud if God has any wraths about northerners talking about the delight of northern pasties, whilst on a book tour in Cornwall, or to wonder about “being plucked out and ending up in Spain.  Or at least the Isles of Scilly.”

For about 50 minutes Stuart talked about Adventures on the High Teas, reading passages aloud (once a member of the audience had popped out to the on-site Waterstones for a copy he could read from) and then the questions began.

Maconie’s rich history meant the questions covered his switch from music journalism to pottering about England scoffing s’con (not scone-as-in-stone) cream teas to his evening plans in Fowey that evening via enquiries into the possibility of a book on Cornwall (how could he refuse?).  I may have gushed about Pies and Prejudice (okay, I did) and asked which was the most enjoyable experience for him (compared with AOTHT), but I have no idea of his answer, except he didn’t chose one book, as I was a little bit awestruck.  I always am in the vicinity of Writers Who Have Been Published.  But I’m hoping the more I meet the less star-struck I become.

The motivation of having this event to look forward to meant I finally edited 50,000 words of my novel, even if I didn’t finish editing the whole book, so will keep checking for more local literary events,  my new form of motivation, and a lot healthier an option than eating chocolate every 1000 words.

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