6000 words in two hours.

I’ve spent the last week trying to sit still long enough to continue editing, and finally edited 6000 words in the last two hours; ten minutes previous I’d just polished off a Ham and Pineapple and a Gaymers. No coincidence. I’d also spent the afternoon shopping (bought a beautiful jacket that I love just a little bit too much) reduced from £69 to £17) and so the guilt was high enough for me to ride the editing wave. Did come up with a book cover design this week though, as well as two other book titles and more ideas for marketing. I’m hoping to read an excerpt from TNM this week; will let you know if I manage to (that’s availability of time slot, nowt to do with nerves).

Oh, and for some reason I’ve ended up with 60000 words in my copy of Teacher Not Mouse, so not sure where the extra 4000 have come from but quite delirious nonetheless.

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