Writer’s Groups

To set up one, or not to set up one, to nab off with a good phrase.  Would be good to natter to other writers, another act to avoid the writing bit, and pretty sure could suggest an after-work meet in Starbucks.  But if I set up one, I have to commit, and there could be the flaw in my plan – I know I’m a writer, and I know if I’m having an off day I don’t want to be around people.  Hmmm.  Should perhaps edit/write til lunch, then have a think about setting up a WG. Let me know if you’ve any thoughts on the idea.

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2 Responses to Writer’s Groups

  1. Louise says:

    I’ve set up a group. It doesn’t begin until September so I can’t say whether it’s worked or not. I’m a little nervous because I haven’t done anything like this before, but excited too.
    At least I can say I’ve giving it a go if it doesn’t work out.

  2. auntagnes says:

    Oh, I bet you can’t wait until September! You’ll have to let us know how your group goes; maybe it’ll be something I can take on for a small area of Plymouth!

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