Writings, Reviewings and a (non-writing) Residency

Hello, hello, hello, 1st November is here, leaves cover my lawn, and my deadline for completion of TNM by Christmas draws near. And I couldn’t be happier, thanks in large to the motivation of YouWriteOn. Have received some good reviews for the first 5000 words of TNM, and uploaded Chapter 3 and 4 last night (which reminds me, I need to edit the first bit, so we know where Chapter 2 is!). Thinks are ticking along nicely, and today is of course Novel-Writing month, so lets see what I can achieve.

Oh, and the Residency? I’ve got opening night tickets to see Bon Jovi’s Residency at the 02 in June. They were, after all, a writing magnet in me younger days, as I compared the lyrics of Dry County to TS Eliot’s The Wasteland.

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