Writing Vs Talking to Yourself

I’m not favouring one over the other; I’m good at writing and talking to myself. But is there a difference?

You have a book/pad/few squares of toilet paper/a netbook, and you write. Sometimes the words behave themselves and fall, neatly, on to your preferred net. Sometimes they will hover and buzz around your head and no matter how patient you are, they’re not going anywhere near your net. So you go and have a cup of tea.

Generally people who talk to themselves are avoided, particularly those who have half a conversation in their head, then speak the answer out loud. There is no physical net, to secure the words and create a potential masterpiece, there is no understanding of the act as there is with Writing, though this act is more acceptable.

Both acts are necessary and fundamental pathways for Finding Answers. Blogging is writing and talking to yourself, but the reader is the one who finds the answers. The writer has to present the answers in a show, not tell, format.

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1 Response to Writing Vs Talking to Yourself

  1. Pete says:

    I often talk to myself to solve a problem.

    I call it the rubber giraffe. I sometimes even open up an MSN window to myself and chat to and from. Having a rational conversation with yourself about a possible solution actually points out the flaws or verifies the solution.

    >Maybe I’m crazy, what do you think Pete?
    >I hope not that will mean I’m crazy too
    >Yeah we’re not crazy, I mean we’re not having a conversation with ourselves in a comment.
    >I agree. I also think we should goto bed and watch Glee
    >Well what about Caprica?
    >Glee, you can happily fall asleep to it.
    >Very well.
    >Night Em!
    >Night Em!

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