Latin and Poetry: unrelated

Latin should be learned, as someone else said, if only it makes learning other topics 50 % easier (if you know the person, let me know and I’ll edit the citation).

The learning of Latin was discussed on the news this morning (BBC) and I’ve been thinking about it all day….no small achievement on St Pat’s Day…why can’t latin be taught in schools, either curricular or extra-curricular? From my basic understanding of latin (Caveat Emptor- let the buyer beware) it doesn’t seem like a heavy northern accent would detract from the understanding of this 1000 year old language. That has to be a bonus.

As for poetry, our Poet Laureate, Carol A D, has written a poem about Beckham and his achilles heel –

The idea is brilliant because it will encourage kids to read poetry, but is it the equivalent of hiding a brussel sprout in mash; kids know you’re trying to teach them poetry and history, even if you put cheese on the mash. I’d like to see a Beckham poem written by the Barnsley Poet, Ian McMillan. He was the one who was a Morrison’s poet for a while, if you remember.
He’d tell kids they were about to eat a Brussel sprout, but by ‘eck it was going to be the best sprout they’d ever tasted.

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5 Responses to Latin and Poetry: unrelated

  1. kseverny says:

    isn’t it a practically dead language.
    i thought italian and latin were different languages

  2. auntagnes says:

    It’s been dead for 700 years, but it’s still around today, you only have to look in garden centres or consumer law. And I would imagine, without further investigating that Latin is very different to Italian, but it’s a basis for lots of languages.

  3. Pete says:

    My mam used to hide mashed Suede under my potato mash. I now can’t eat other peoples mash without checking underneath it. Suede is the devils semen.

  4. auntagnes says:

    She was a toughie…I usually ate swede with my mash. No wonder you’re scared by suede under mash!

  5. auntagnes says:

    Tempus fugit!
    Time Flies.
    My latin for the day.

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