I’ve cheated.

You know how something catches your eye, and you tell yourself that you shouldn’t even think about those thoughts that are making themselves comfortable in your head, but you also know that eventually you’ll collapse like a weak ceiling in a downpour? That happened to me this week; after months of abstinence, my heart only grew fonder. I cheated three times, and I’m going back for more tomorrow.

I know what my boyfriend will think, but he just doesn’t understand. I’ve never cheated before, not on a test or in a relationship; I’ve always been loyal and stubborn. But I’ve gone to the dark side and there’s no going back. I’ve felt alive and sparkly every time I’ve cheated this week, not given a thought to the other being. From the first time I saw the welcome all those weeks ago, I think I knew I was ready for a change from my old scene. My boyfriend would rather be in a Wetherspoons; he doesn’t think coffee should take more than 10 minutes to drink.

What? No, I’ve not cheated on my man! I’ve moved from Starbucks to a new independant (possibly a chain if Plymouth City Council have anything to do with it). I’ve left the green goddess of Starbuck, for a sexy South American lounge called The Americano. I know, I know, I never thought I’d trade a Caramel Machiato for a bog-standard Cappucino, but if I could stick photos up on here you’d understand my reasons for swapping. All I’ll say is take a wander to the Baptist Church opposite the M&S foodhall, in the city centre of Plymouth and you’ll cheat on your favourite coffee house, too.

PS – I will continue to visit future Starbucks, particularly when I’m outside the Plymouth Area. I’ve not gone to the red (Costa) or blue (Nero) side yet.

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3 Responses to I’ve cheated.

  1. Lexia says:

    I think you will be forgiven by all the coffee drinkers out there who like a change now and then. I just wish I could find a place that sells “coffee” – just plain simple coffee. I suppose you will say that there’s no such thing, but it would be nice to ask for a cup of coffee without having to have a great discussion on the “type”. Let me know if you hear of anywhere … 🙂

  2. Pete says:

    I give up the chains in an instant of finding a nice independant place… I’ve got the Garden Cafe hidden away from the high street in Guildford that I frequent. That said I do break now and again for a Green Chocolate Java Chip Frappachino or a Blue Chai Latte, but I never stay; that would be cheating.

  3. auntagnes says:

    We have a lovely French cafe in the independant quarter of Plymouth, which sells coffee (black) and baguettes (warm). Guess you need to source out the independant area of your place for a coffee change!

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