Clarke, Actually

Having a tremendous Sunday, travelling down from Hartlepool to Plymouth via London; the sun is doing good things, my head is not doing bad things (unlike Mr Emma’s Head, which is currently suffering on its way back from Norwich to Plymouth via London; I can’t wait for our Waterloo Road catch up on the Archos on our Padd train, either), and I’ve just received a newsletter from Stephen Clarke, Writer, regarding his rummage into the history of French-English relations. I now know how to use my Mail on Sunday writing win book vouchers.

‘Stephen Clarke’, you say, ‘the name is familiar…’ That’s because he’s a Merde writer (link on the right under Books)…non, he isn’t rubbish (rather the opposite) but is the hand behind the Merde series of books. I rather like his self-publishing and done-well-out-of-it-story, too, and use this to boost myself through any spots of Writers’ Block. Plus, I quite enjoy reading about what happens to the French and the English when they meet.

I could tell you more about him, but Clarkey doesn’t pay me for PR (or anything else), and he does talk about himself slightly better on his website, go have a nose. As soon as I’ve enjoyed the literary lunch in October I’ll be off to my local to pick up, perhaps in hardback, 1000 Years of Annoying the French.


PS – If you ever have to loiter around Kings Cross station in the early hours of the morning, don’t; visit St Pancras for a civilised croissanty sit down and a free trip to the loo (is it me or does anyone else hate paying 30p for a penny?).

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