Almost a year has passed, and no I’ve not been parked on the sofa buried under fantastic novels (I wish), nor rubbish novels, either. I have finished my MA; quite a 12 month distraction.

So, little summary, shall we:
I’m hooked on the Twilight novels and just a little bit in love with Stephenie Meyer…
I have a Kindle app on my smartphone, and over the next few months will fill it and my lovely Samsung e-reader with more books than I will purchase in paperback or hardback form…
I am expecting a baby in January, so my writing room will become a nursery…
As with any sort of cheating it isn’t good: the Americano shortchanged me by a tenner, and though it was my fault for not realising immediately, the naff customer service I received ensured that this coffee lover returned to Starbucks (once the morning sickness had passed)…
I plan to have a few more weeks of reading novels, then would rather like to take on NaNoWriMo. And finish a draft of Life to Do….
I have lots of other writing plans which I’ll share with you, lovely lovely readers, over the course of this blogging malarky.

Cor, tis good to be back blogging.

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