Kindle Vs paper

This year I invested in a Kindle Fire HD, and my world has landed on it’s head; the machine almost beats Sky+ as the best invention ever.

Look who I’ve discovered on Kindle, that I perhaps wouldn’t have in my nearest bookstore, thanks to the browsing and free sampling potential afforded by Kindle (HD and the handy smartphone app):
Marianne Cantwell, fabulous author of Be a Free Range Human who uncovers our possibilities in a tender and straightforward approach
Johnny B Truant, prolific AND funny, writes about the world of the bialy and a fat vampire
Dee Ernst, humourous, not condescending, women’s writer.
Rosie Fiore, regular blogger and damn good storyteller
Christine Rice, professional freelance writing writer with bags of encouragement
I have read other writers, and still buy paperbacks from my local bookstores and charity shops (only an absolute bargain would see me part with money for a hardback) but I’m truly awed by Kindle and the opportunities out there for writers to be published.

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