Writing Mentor

I’ll be seating myself, my netbook and my Kindle at a gorgeous table at The Writing Cafe in Plymouth University a few times a week, supporting staff and students in their creative and academic endeavors, as of next week.  We’ll host regular weekly events, and all genres and abilities of writing are covered from the technical report writing skills to those acquired by the published novelist.

Drop by and say hello if you’re in the area.

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What’s in your writer toolkit?

I don’t mean what’s on your book shelf (or in your e-reader), but what essentials could you, as a writer, not be without?

For me it seems to be bags.  I store all my writerly ideas, projects, rejections, publications in the bags I’ve accumulated over the years, and when I run out of bags I toddle off straight to TK Maxx, or House of Fraser if I’ve had a good few months. 



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Ta-ra 2013

Date and maple bread, wensleydale with apple and cranberry and cranberry sauce.  Love the season between Christmas and New Year when the shops have yummy goodies on sale.

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New Year’s List?

At some point in January I’m hoping to curl up with Anne Tyler’s The Beginner’s Goodbye, Karen Brady’s The Strong Woman, Deborah Rodriguez’s The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul, and to finish Johnny B Truant’s amazing The Bialy Pimps.

What’s on your New Year’s list? 

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Kindle Vs paper

This year I invested in a Kindle Fire HD, and my world has landed on it’s head; the machine almost beats Sky+ as the best invention ever.

Look who I’ve discovered on Kindle, that I perhaps wouldn’t have in my nearest bookstore, thanks to the browsing and free sampling potential afforded by Kindle (HD and the handy smartphone app):
Marianne Cantwell, fabulous author of Be a Free Range Human who uncovers our possibilities in a tender and straightforward approach
Johnny B Truant, prolific AND funny, writes about the world of the bialy and a fat vampire
Dee Ernst, humourous, not condescending, women’s writer.
Rosie Fiore, regular blogger and damn good storyteller
Christine Rice, professional freelance writing writer with bags of encouragement
I have read other writers, and still buy paperbacks from my local bookstores and charity shops (only an absolute bargain would see me part with money for a hardback) but I’m truly awed by Kindle and the opportunities out there for writers to be published.

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Hello Autumn

Well, that was a hot summer, wasn’t it?  And now the shops are crammed with people realising it’s only two pay days until December 25th, so where better to be than on the sofa with a few books? Currently enjoying the caper that is, The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of a Window and Disappeared; has to be read for the title alone. 

What are you reading? 

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Ways with toddlers

My full-of-energy toddler, is out running her Granny and Grandad ragged, so I’ve just spent a few hours reading.  In my study/laundry room, smell of Fairy Non-Bio in the air, breeze, yes, actual breeze, wafting the curtains open every now and then.  I love the sun, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not made for this heat; employment should be abandoned in favour of more peaceful pursuits lest the hormone levels soar higher than this mercury that is currently on journalists’ mouths and pens.


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