To e-read or not to e-read?

January 2014

The Kindle Fire HD is *the* accessory. Bought in March last year, it took me six months before I read a book such was the distraction of everything else fabulous it does (Skype, mirror, multiple notebooks and snowglobe apps nestle between photos, music, Facebook and Pinterest.  Pinterest! If ever there was an app designed for entertaining yourself while your partner watches some awful scientific or Celebrity Big Brother nonsense!).  I’ve been a Kindle-app reader for a couple of years since my first smartphone, so now my e-reader waits, probably without battery power, on my shelf, until my daughter is old enough to appreciate it’s unique capabilities (it’s called a reading and writing machine).

August 2010

For me, I’m absolutely in need of an e-reader, a decision which has been with me ever since I saw the Sony Reader and it’s potential. Of course, at the time it was ugly ugly ugly with a wierd brown cover and was never going to be a purchase. Technology has, mercifully, shoved on, and the two readers I’m willing to part with money for are:

Bebook Neo –

Bookeen Cybook Opus – (broken link)

They both look adorable, and aren’t girly-pink (though a girly-pink cover may be needed). Main difference is that I’d have to part with an additional £100 for the wifi and touch facilities of the Neo.

The Neo does have a better name, however, and is attracting more attention.

But more importantly than any e-reader, I had a hold of my first fiction e-book the other day…..Alice in Wonderland, timely enough….and it was good. I’ve not actually read it yet (is the virtual world of an e-reader going to become an enlarged, lonely bookcase of tomes I never get around to reading?) – the experience was quick, technologically painless and a bit exciting. E-books will not replace real books, but the right e-reader will encourage more reading, and means no more decisions when deciding which book to travel with.

I’ll have to spend the next few months (weeks?) narrowing down between these two. Any insight will be lovingly received.


1 Response to To e-read or not to e-read?

  1. auntagnes says:

    August 2010 – the Samsung e-reader may make my Christmas wish list; looks beautiful (for a bit of technology) and plays music as well as holds several thousand books. The new Literati e-reader due in Oct 2010 is colourful, but, uhm, still looks a technological mess with the keyboard. I don’t want a phone, nor magazine-reading ability with my e-reader, ta, just the ability to read a lot of books, play some music and look good when I whip it out at airports and railway stations.

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