What I’m reading instead of writing

Starbucked, Taylor CLARK; good read, and will finish it before the Summer. I just prefer fiction.

Digging to America, Anne TYLER; another success from Anne; have passed on to my boss to read.

Les Miserables, Victor HUGO; boyfriend’s parents keep trying to tell me the ending, and I now have the DVD musical version – first 20 minutes look good, and will definitely complete both before the Summer.

Kafka on the Shore, Haruki MURAKAMI; current read, and I’m not picking up anything else (even Teacher, Not Mouse) until I’ve finished. It’s 8th August and I’ve just turned the last page on Kafka. Thought to take away with me? That we are all supposed to do Something, and that life should sometimes go slowly.

September Update.
I’m reading Teacher Not Mouse, by Emma Jordan. An English English Teacher spends a year in southern China. Contact me if you’d like to read more.

Feb 2010
Just finished Douglas Kennedy’s State of the Union. I think the word is unputdownable. Definitely one that you hope for a traffic jam for, and read as you’re walking to work, letting your feet find the route.

March 2010
Helen Dunmore’s The Siege – beautiful book about the Leningrad Blockade of 1941. I’m rather looking forward to her sequel out later this month.


1 Response to What I’m reading instead of writing

  1. auntagnes says:

    February. FEBRUARY! My job takes up a lot of my time.
    Anyway. I’m now reading edumacational books in an effort, albeit a weak one, to write a dissertation title. Yes, the 20 000 word journey will be an illuminating one, with frequent blackouts.

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